Ratu Kidul – The Color Green


‘She’s coming… She’s coming…’ these words appeared in my dream. They were like the wind, without showing me who said it, I simply heard these words and it felt important, like the Queen was being announced, like something great was about to appear…

Right after this announcement I suddenly woke up, it was storming that night and the rain was clashing against my bedroom window. Right there and then, in that moment, I just knew it was Her; Ratu Kidul, the Seagoddess.

Ratu Kidul; She has many names, She is an Indonesian Seagoddess, connected to the element water. I don’t know why She decided to appear in my dreams… maybe She just wanted to be painted ;) Her magical energy is captured on this canvas, along with the Garuda (the winged one). The Garuda is the connector between heaven and earth and fits right into this painting.

Eventhough Ratu Kidul is originated from Indonesia; her story, energy and message is universal. Thanks to Her appearance in my dream and the experiences I’ve had while creating this painting I was drawn to write a poem about Her and the Power of the Color Green.

The Color Green

With the Healing Force of Mother Earth, She touches the Heart and renews what was once broken

She is like Holy Water, cleansing and refreshing. She is the Divine Power which makes Love grow, into the deepest depth of the Heart She goes.

Divine landscapes are created by Her Power, Old Wisdom brought back to Life, She never grows tired, no Her Strength is Everlasting.